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Тестовое задание 001

5 600 ₽ (Фиксированный)
  • Expired

  • 1-5 Days
  • Дорогой
  • Individual

Нужно разработать дизайн логотипа для интернет магазина. Пример того, что должно быть во вложениях. 

бла бла бла

бла бла бла

45 ₽ (Фиксированный)
  • 656 дней осталось

  • 1-5 Days
  • Базовый уровень
  • Individual

далвдлад дко докд одку одку доадуко дкуо докду оадукоаку лкоиулаиуклоаиуклиаклуиа лку иалк иуоакуоаоукза оуза удла овталапилвап иовип ловп лволкпиуоприкоуипкоуп у дл уд оудлод оуреи  ыа ва ыв а  уукпеп екп …

  • 667 дней осталось

This is a Great  Moment for us to announce a designer job for our company, The candidate who falls in the criteria can apply. We’ll call the candidates who are…

  • Closing Today

  • Hosting
  • Business security
  • Bilingual

Tech Software is looking for a Mobile Developer who has a solid creation foundation to React Native to go along with us in creating premium local encounters for our purchasers.…

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  • 20 Days visibility
  • 5 Featured Services
  • 20 Days visibility
  • Profile Featured
  • 30 Days Package Expiry


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Highest selling package features

  • 15 Project Credits
  • 12 Allowed Services
  • 25 Days visibility
  • 10 Featured Services
  • 30 Days visibility
  • Profile Featured
  • 40 Days Package Expiry


30 ₽

Fully featured plan with no limits

  • 20 Project Credits
  • 25 Allowed Services
  • 30 Days visibility
  • 15 Featured Services
  • 20 Days visibility
  • Profile Featured
  • 60 Days Package Expiry

The Unlimita

99 ₽79 ₽

Drive crazy, unlimited on the go

  • Unlimited Project Credits
  • Unlimited Services
  • Services Never Expire
  • 20 Featured Services
  • Services Never Expire
  • Profile Featured
  • 120 Days Package Expiry

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